tefi show

‘Tefi’, daily love show starring Tefi Pessoa unpacked trending topics in pop culture including celebrity gossip, dating advice, and mental health, all with a real and humorous take. The show aired weekdays on YouTube at 12:30 EST.  

As the Senior Designer (aka Graphie Designie) for “‘Tefi,” I had the unique opportunity to spearhead the show’s design, fully owning the creative development of the branding, logo, animated intro, daily show graphics, and gifs. Due to the nature of breaking celebrity news, all content was concepted, written, and designed on the morning of filming. To deliver within this fast-paced environment, it was essential to create an ownable brand identity that was cohesive and true to Tefi, while also quick to execute.

Special recognition to the most talented team; Host Tefi Pessoa, Writie / Producie Molly Brunk, Writie Kim Congdon, and Associate Producie Michelle Scarr. 


intro animation 

countdown animation

end slate

show graphics

instagram promos



not okay movie

I was asked to design graphics for the film ‘Not Okay’ which debuted on Hulu July 29, 2022. Post-Production Graphics included: animating the type in the opening credits, photo compositing social media posts, and creating logos for the subway station.

Director: Quinn Sheppard
Lead Designer: Nick Burnside
Producer: Chris Rivera 

opening credits
Animated type

movie graphics  
Photo compositing, digital painting, type setting, poster design, creating fake social posts

NOT OKAY Premiere

100 years
of cookies

I was brought onto the GSUSA design team to create and execute a complete digital campaign for the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts Cookies.

I illustrated a collection of custom icons and patterns based off of the 100 Years of Girl Scouts Selling Cookies logo, and used all the graphics to build a timeline of GS’s Cookie History for their social media. 

ice cream truck

To help promote FOX Entertainment’s New Summer TV Shows, I was asked to design a series of ice cream trucks that debuted in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Saint Louis during Memorial Day Weekend. 

The ask was to create a colorful, seamless pattern that was bold, funky, and would attract attention against the busy cities. 

truck design

Los Angeles, California

Phoenix, Arizona  

New York, New York

Atlanta, Georgia

St. Louis, Missouri

Chicago, Illinois

New York, New York

instagram promos

ice cream cups, napkins & tees

social reposting & customer response

alternative ice cream truck designs
Version B

Version C

Version D

gsusa social media

Selection of animated and illustrated graphics for the offical Girl Scouts of the USA's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.









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